Scheduling is important in every project and DCS understands this.

Prior to accepting a project, we will review the schedule with the client and ensure that expectations are managed from the start.

The schedule will then be included as part of the contract. Similarly, a schedule will also be included in all subcontractor purchase orders so that subcontractors stay on course and understand what’s required of them.

Throughout construction and preconstruction, the schedule will be constantly reviewed and updated. At each weekly meeting, schedule will be a key heading.

Lead Time Analysis

At pre-construction all lead times are confirmed and long lead items are identified. Long lead items will drive the schedule and will need to be accounted for early on. By knowing what these long lead items are in advance, a plan can be developed so that the longest deliverables are incorporated into a tight schedule.

Sub Contractor Coordination

Once the preliminary schedule has been developed, DCS will check durations with subcontractors to ensure that realistic timeframes are established for each task. It is essential that the subcontractors buy into the schedule and that it is achievable. Setting unrealistic goals do not help anyone.

Monitoring, Interfacing & Reporting

DCS superintendent will monitor schedule progression on site and will notify the client of any delays, risks or site conditions that may cause issues. If an opportunity for acceleration of schedule is available, it will be analyzed and implemented.

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