Quality Control

DCS deploys a custom quality control system to match our project & client demands.

Darby Construction Services maintains quality on each project by implementing the following:

  • Understand what the client wants and expects. Ensure that this expectation is achievable.
  • Coordinate with the design team and ensure that they are in agreement with the client on what’s expected.
  • Select subcontractors who have experience in similar project and who’s current workload is manageable.
  • Relay the expectations clearly to the subcontractor both verbally and in writing in the form of a purchase order. Refuse to accept anything less than what is agreed.
  • Create and maintain a realistic schedule.
  • Identify long lead items early and ensure that adequate time is allowed for delivery and install.
  • Maintain logs for RFIs, change orders, submittals and daily reports.
  • Coordinate with all relevant testing and inspection agencies to maintain strict controls during construction.

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