Change Management & Cost Control

Changes on a project, if not managed correctly can impact negatively on the cost and schedule of a project.

While both the contractor and the design team would generally prefer to avoid any changes, sometimes the needs of the client will change or an unforeseen condition will arise whereby a change is unavoidable.

Variation of Scope

If a change is necessary or is requested by the client, DCS will review and advise on cost and schedule impact straight away. It is our responsibility to provide the client with a clear breakdown of the cost associated with any change order and to be able to explain the scope associated with each trade. All change orders are reviewed with the architect and/or engineer prior to submitting to the client so that they verify the scope. Once the client has approved a change order, DCS will issue purchase orders to subcontractors in question to formerly authorize them to proceed with the additional work.

Quality Control

Throughout the project, a change order log is maintained and reviewed at weekly meetings. This will show change order amount, date issued and the date approved or rejected.

Due Dilligence

In order to minimize change orders and control costs, DCS will do due diligence during preconstruction and bidding. If any detail on the bid documents is unclear or ambiguous, an RFI will be issued. All subcontractors will be given the opportunity to walk the space prior to accepting a contract to negate any claims of ignorance to existing conditions.

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